Testimonials and Frequently Asked Questions... 

“Because of work and kids, I don’t have time to exercise, but Dr. Garzillo taught me what to do at home so I have less pain everyday.”

- Erica A.

“Now that I have less pain, I’m as excited to play basketball as I was when the Nets took me in the ‘91 NBA draft.” - 

- Von M.

“Back pain made my job hard and since Dr. Garzillo helped me I can keep working and I’m sleeping better at night.”

- Adan S.

“I had back pain after my knee surgery for a soccer injury, Dr. Garzillo showed me what to do, so now I could go on a ski trip with my daughter’s youth group and play in the church softball league.”

- Rhonda F.

“I can continue ballroom dancing because Dr. Garzillo has shown me how to get rid of my back pain and keep it away.”

- Nancy M.

“From teaching PGA tour members and recreational golfers, I see how Dr. Garzillo’s ideas can decrease the pain and increase the ability for all golfers.”

- Pat O.

“I’ve had pain since I was a teenager because of my scoliosis, what Dr. Garzillo told me to do really does make a difference.”

- Fonda S.

“At 55 my handicap is single digit after Dr. Garzillo showed me a simple way to improve my back so I’m longer off the tee and more consistent for the whole round.”

- Chuck E.

“I appreciate what Dr. Garzillo has done for my back, helping me do what I need to do for my patients.”

- Sheila J.

“Since Dr. Garzillo showed me how to take care of my back I can get more work done during the day with a lot less pain.” - Juana T.

“Training and competing in marathons and triathlons puts wear and tear on me and Dr. Garzillo showed me how to feel like new.”

- Derrick R.

“As a Tae Kwon Do instructor for athletes on the Junior National Team, I need to demonstrate the skills necessary to win and Dr. Garzillo showed me how to keep my back from slowing me down.”

- Master Greg T.

“After playing college basketball caught up with me when I got older Dr. Garzillo showed me how to feel younger.”

- Gary K.

“Working 50 to 60 hours per week made it hard to play golf without pain, now I’m still working those hours and I’m playing great.”

- Youchong K.

Sometimes a backache will pop up without any warning or obvious reason. If you’re like most of my patients, you want to know what caused this pain and what you can do about it. From my research and experience, I learned that athletes know the key to improving their game is preparing their body for what they need to do–the way they need to do it. The reason most back pain relief exercises your doctor recommends (or you find online) don’t work is because they don’t prepare your body to do the things you need to do every day. Even if you don’t think of yourself as an athlete, if you want to decrease your back pain and do the things you need to do every day, you can prepare your back the same way athletes prepare themselves for their game. I’ll show you how you can do this anytime, anyplace, and without equipment–no matter what your current level of physical conditioning is. That’s why I developed Jailbreak From Back Pain; to help people overcome the agony of common back pain in a simple, convenient, yet very effective program.

But what if your back pain is just because of your age? Do you accept pain and limitations because you feel like your life has gone “over the hill?” Is this back pain keeping you from doing those things you want to do or those things you need to do? You can feel better than you have–no matter how old you are. Jailbreak From Back Pain offers a practical, time-tested solution to common back pain for both the young and old.

Jailbreak From Back Pain provides a fast, effective, at-home program for the relief of common back pain. In this easy-to-understand manual, the biology of back pain is illustrated with examples from true-life personal experiences as well as those from patients, family, and friends. Jailbreak From Back Pain takes a detailed approach to eliminating common back pain for people of all ages. You may have questions such as:

  • Why doesn't being in good physical condition prevent back pain?
  • Why am I gaining weight now that I’m suffering from back pain?
  • What is the difference between back pain and a serious back injury?
  • Is rest the best thing I can do to fix my back pain?
  • I’m young, how did I get this annoying backache?
  • How did I get this backache when I wasn’t doing anything?
  • What are the typical causes of common back pain?
  • How does stress bother my back?
  • How can I prevent common back pain from happening again?
  • Does age have anything to do with back pain?
  • How could my job cause common back pain?
  • Is common back pain preventable?
  • How can I break the cycle of stiffness, pain, more stiffness, and more pain?

Well, after answering questions like these in my clinic for more than 25 years, I knew there must be many people with the same questions–and the answers I’ve given my patients are the answers other people could benefit from. Inside Jailbreak From Back Pain are the answers to these and many other frequently asked questions.

The information and recommendations contained in this book and on this site are not intended to replace or supersede medical or surgical

recommendations for care by a physician or health care provider.

...I know common everyday back pain is not your fault, but if you’re not doing anything about it then it’s probably not going to get better. From my experience, I want to show you how you can quickly and easily move from your “prison of back pain” to the freedom you want. Downloading the Jailbreak From Back Pain ebook and applying the information could be just the beginning to a whole new way of life for you…if you choose. The program and the explanations are based on over 25 years of experience treating more than 10,000 patients. It’s real life experience–not theory. With Jailbreak From Back Pain you have a system that’s proven to be an effective solution for back pain. It’s fast, convenient, and easy to do; with regular application you can take away–and keep away–common back pain. I know any program requiring equipment, complex instruction, or too much time is not a practical long-term solution for most people...Jailbreak From Back Pain explains a convenient, easy, and effective solution. You can start turning your life around today–moving from back pain to back-in-action when you download your ebook in just a matter of minutes. Your dream of freedom from back pain can be closer than you think…What happens next is entirely up to you…I urge you to download the ebook, I believe you’ll be glad you did! Dr. Tom Garzillo, DC, CLCP